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The age of all types of creatures that roam the Earth and wage war against one another.
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 Zeus (Elven King)

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PostSubject: Zeus (Elven King)   Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:18 pm

Name: Zeus

Age: Visual (35) actually 624 years old

Race: Elf


Zeus is a powerful Being, he is the said Guardian of the Elves also known as the Elven King and Elder. Zeus is all powerful and is very old, is knowledge can only be matched by some of the elders of the other races. Zeus is a polite gentle man and likes to answer many questions that he could answer easily with long riddles. Zeus is a complicated man and thinks that war between the races will in the end prove nothing. Only conflicts solved through the thoughts of genius' have ever proved to show great results. Zeus is a big promoter of harsh punishment and any disobedience among his subjects is punishable by lashings.


Zeus was born back when the world was at peace, born to an Elven woodsman he was raised in the heart of the Forest and brought up to be a great and strong warrior. Years before the war Zeus was given a test to become one of the great Warriors of the Elves upon completion of this test he was appointed to the Kings guards and made into a powerful warrior with the magic of the Elven King.

After the War broke out, Zeus was given the title of Commander and led the Elves into the battle at Drevis city where the Demon stronghold was located. Zeus launched a year long siege upon the city, losing thousands of Elven troops throughout the siege. Upon breaking down the gate to the Demon city, Zeus laid waste to all he could, later discovering that the Demon Lord was in a slumber he awoken him upon his dessicration of the Demon City. And brought down the wrath of the Demon Lord upon his men.

Zeus was forced to flee with only a handful of troops, at which many died on the long trail back home. Zeus was the only survivor. For years the power of the Demon Lord haunted Zeus, so much that Zeus vowed to slay that beast of a Demon with his own hands.

After years of training Zeus was informed that the Demon Lord had been slain by the Ogre Chieftain during a raid on their land. Zeus distraught by the power of all the other Race leaders vowed from there forward that he would one day lead the Elven Race to a glorious day where War was nothing but a myth.

Zeus, now well into his older age is the Elven leader and among one of the 7 powerful Beings of the 7 realms. Zeus has became a master in the art of magic and telekinesis. His power has given him a special view into the world that allows him to socialize with those outside his race for various reasons.

Zeus now lives in the Elven realm with his fellow people and has built several cities in the names of his predecessor, father and even warriors under his command during the onslaught at Drevis.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeus (Elven King)   Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:46 pm

This is approved.
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Zeus (Elven King)
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