The World of Myths

The age of all types of creatures that roam the Earth and wage war against one another.
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 Calantha, the Insane Fairy

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PostSubject: Calantha, the Insane Fairy   Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:06 pm

Name: Calantha

Age: 117 years old

Race: Fairy


Personality: Some people think that fairies are sweet and innocent. That is hardly the case for little Calantha. She tends to be a bit more twisted and demented. Some would even call her insane. She enjoys torturing anyone that get's on her bad side. She sometimes forgets that everyone else is bigger than her. But what she lacks in size, she makes up with determination. She may be a bit crude, but she's also a very persistent little fighter. She'll do what she must to survive. Just don't let her attitude fool you. She happens to be very slow and foolish. Many would even say she's too young understand. Oh how wrong you would be.

Background: Calantha lived much of her young life in a small field with her loving parents. Back then, she wasn't as insane as she is now. It wasn't until after her parents died a tragic death that she lost her mind. Seeking vengeance wasn't what she wanted. After her mind went, so did the rest of her common sense. Of course, Calantha never really had much common sense to begin with.

It wasn't long after her parents died that she went crazy and burned her entire home to the ground. With no parents to take care of her, and no home to live in, Calantha decided to leave the place she grew up in and never return. She began to wonder the world with nothing but the clothes on her back. She had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. She began spending her days training to become stronger. Even though she was as dumb as a rock, she knew that life would be hard if she wasn't prepared to fight for what she wanted. But then again, she didn't exactly know what she wanted...

After years of staying secluded in the trees, killing whatever animal passed her by, Calantha decided to travel out into the world. She was in search of anyone that was willing to give her purpose. She wanted something to live for. Something to fill the void that was inside of her. She may have been stupid, but she knew something was missing. And that something wasn't the joy of killing something other than a bunny.
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PostSubject: Re: Calantha, the Insane Fairy   Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:20 pm

Approved, now from here you should create abilities and techniques for your character...

Almighty Zeus

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Calantha, the Insane Fairy
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