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The age of all types of creatures that roam the Earth and wage war against one another.
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 William's Spellbook

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PostSubject: William's Spellbook   William's Spellbook Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2009 8:30 am

Primary Abilities (Magic):

Fireball: William chants and gather the power of the arcane on his palms to increase the air temperature, creating sparks and eventually flames then gathering them into a ball of fire. The ball is then thrown towards the target to explode where the target is located and creating a small 5-feet blast radius.

Element: Fire


Mastery of Elements: Through the passing of time William has been able to modify his spells in order to change the primary element of the spell. That way, using the example, of the fireball, through the same way he increases the temperature to create said ball of fire he can lower it, creating a modified version of the fireball but with the Water element. Certain spells cannot have their elements modified.

This topic will be edited each time I may add another Ability and Technique.
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William's Spellbook
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