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The age of all types of creatures that roam the Earth and wage war against one another.
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 The Arcane Order

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PostSubject: The Arcane Order   The Arcane Order Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2009 6:29 am

Clan Name: The Arcane Order

Clan Founder: William

Clan Leader: William

Clan Race: Human

Clan Background: Ever since the beggining of time magic has flowed around us doing it's marvelous wonders, from the creation to the destruction of life, and there have been those who can be called "gifted" who have learned how to tap into that magic power to perform abilities impossible to the average human. A long time ago, eight mages created The Arcane Order, and have gathered countless amounts of tomes and scrolls with magic spells in them and artifacts of great power. And not only that, their library has been always filled with books on the work of magic. The Order has also from the start gathered pupils. Normal and gifted humans, and teach them how to use magic. However, a hundred years ago, a mage called "Banehallow" decided to open a gate to another dimension. A place he called "the outside". A place where creatures only seen in myths and legends existed. But it went wrong, the gate ended up swallowing the Clan headquarters. The order and all it's knowledge with it. Into the blank and unfilled spots between dimensions.

And now, a thousand years later, William has created the Order once more. To do what his ancestors did and create a once more respected clan, and avoid doing the mistake Banehallow did. Not opening a gate to another dimension without having the proper knowledge to do so.

Clan Element: Darkness

Clan Ability: Iniciates to the Arcane Order, gifted or not, have to learn about magic. All of it. How it works, how you use it, and most of all, what you shouldn't do with it. So no one repeats the mistake of Banehallow. Once the iniciates pass a written magic test, they go through a ritual where runes connected to the element of darkness are carved in and around their eyes.
Once this has been done, the iniciates are full fledged mages of the order, are taught how to use magic practically and learn some of the basic spells like the "fireball".

The runes let the iniciates see the flow of magic. They are able to see the magical leylines of arcane power flowing in all materials in the world, and are now able to tap into them to cast magic. Those that are gifted only get to see the magical energy they taped into at random before. But those that weren't gifted are now able to use magic aswell.
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PostSubject: Re: The Arcane Order   The Arcane Order Icon_minitimeTue Jun 08, 2010 7:02 pm

I shall Approve this...

Almighty Zeus

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The Arcane Order
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