The World of Myths

The age of all types of creatures that roam the Earth and wage war against one another.
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 Story line.

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PostSubject: Story line.   Sat Oct 25, 2008 6:52 pm

If you ever wondered about fairy tales and if they existed then here's the story that will prove that they do.

Centuries ago, Humans, accidentally, unlocked a portal that viewed a look into six other worlds which came to be known as the Incident of the "Seven Realms". Each featured a different type of race with their own colony;


Each race, destined to take over and claim each world for themselves, waged war and thus began the Legendary "War of the Worlds.". Not much is known about the war but that each race lost many, many respected warriors, friends and loved ones. Only a few veteran warriors who fought in it still stand today.

To stop the war, a clan of rogue creatures appeared mysteriously and sealed each species in their own realm, closing the portals and cursing anyone who attempted to unlock them.

Years passed as each race built back up their homes and cities and there was a period of peace.

How long this peace will last however is the question. I fear that another battle is beginning to start. One that will be more vile and devastating as the last.

May God have mercy on us all....

--Leonidsa, Guardian of the Fairies.
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Story line.
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