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 Drogyn, the Exile

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PostSubject: Drogyn, the Half-Demon   Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:56 pm

Name: Drogyn Cero

Age: Appearance-17 Age-53

Race: Half-Elf, Half-Demon

Appearance: Short somewhat spiky white hair. Similar to Cloud's actually. 6 Feet tall approximately. Muscular build, not ripped or buff or anything like that, just muscular. Pale skin, but not vampire pale, just the kind of pale from someone who stays inside all day long. He wears a black leather vest around his torso which he covers with a long white trench coatish cloak. His weapon, Exoda, is on his left hip. His pants are black baggy breaches. His feet are covered by simple black boots. His eyes are bright, almost glowing, red and his pupils go to slits under moments of intense anger. On his torso is a mark of a dark and twisted shattered cross.

Personality: He's what is known as in many manga/video games/etc., as a naive idealist(in some ways). He believes that all people have good at the center of their heart, that no one is truly evil. But he is not afraid to kill those he sees as evil. Because while he believes people are good at the center of their heart, he holds no patience for those who refuse it. He is a caring gentle person who sometimes wouldn't hurt a mosquito that was biting him. He is also a hopeless romantic who believes that nothing is more powerful than love, and that true love is out there for everyone. The thing is his life which causes him the most pain is that he has yet to find that special someone. His own personality and demonic nature are constantly at war with each other, causing him to sometimes have such radical mood swings that he seems as though he harbors two different beings within his body. Though he tries to suppress his evil nature with all his strength, wishing to be truly good, and succeeding most of the time.When the evil side of his being is brought forth(usually when he sees an injustice) he does not hesitate to strike at of kill the object of his ill-will. His sense of good is a great catalyst for his sense of evil and destruction. When seeing something which he sees as truly evil and horrible, he will destroy the cause without hesitation, it may even completely release the restraint on his demonic nature causing him to slaughter and destroy everything until nothing is left. But none of this is known, because he has long since sealed himself away from the world, only acting like his true self around Exoda.

Background: Nothing is known of his mother except that she was an elf who died upon giving birth to him.Until the age of 10 he was in a human orphanage, never reacting when others bullied or teased because of his elven heritage.But upon his tenth birthday his demonic heritage showed itself in his eyes , changing rapidly into what they now are in an instant. They leaders of the orphanage panicked, they knew this boy to be a good and kind person, but with the fear of what would happen if it was known that they allowed him to stay there heavy upon their hearts, they threw him out of the orphanage.
He was found on the side of the road, half starved and delirious by an old mage who took him in. Watching after him for many years, he eventually taught him rudimentary magic. Drogyn earned his keep through chores, and by taking care of the mage, seeing as he was very old. He never learned the name of the mage, but eventually came to call him father, which the mage accepted as he had become quite fond of the boy. 2 days after Drogyn's 23rd birthday, the old man died. Not knowing anyone else who knew his father, he alone buried him and told no one, despairing in silence. All alone.
So he went to work as a guard for ruin excavators for 7 years. Though never fully accepted, he was a valuable escort. On the last mission he was trapped inside a ruin. There he discovered Exoda, a sword created thousands of years ago by magics so powerful that they have long been forgotten. Upon escaping the ruins he discovered that the researchers had left without bothering to see if he was still alive. Discovering this horrible truth filled him with anger, and he followed and slaughtered them all. When he awoke in the morning after doing this he was appalled by what he had done.
At this moment in the depths of his anger and revulsion at himself and the world, that he met a man who looked as though he was a simple lord. In his anger he attacked without thinking. In this instant the man changed, his eyes grew red as the sun, his hair pitch black, terrible wings grew from his back, and a dark aura surrounded him. Drogyn instantly felt terror as his own shadow, and the man's dark aura, both seemed to be smothering the very life out of him... and then, nothing. Everything was how it was before, the man stared at Drogyn with disgust and disdain in his eyes. "I am your father," he said "And if you wish to fight me, then fall deeper into the darkness and become more powerful." A terrible burning pain covered his chest as this man put the point his index finger to the tip of his forehead.
The next morning he awoke to his screams and discovered three things. One, that there was on his chest a horrible mark. Two, his full demonic powers had been awakened, he could now control darkness and shadows at will. Three, he learned the true identity of his father, The Lord of Darkness. He knew this, but nothing else. After this episode, he fell deeper into darkness. Until he discovered the secret of his weapon. It held within it the consciousness of a woman sealed within the blade to give it unbreakable strength and eternal sharpness. He is the only one who can communicate with her. And only due to his demonic powers. He also learned from her that the weapon held certain magical properties other then what she gave it from being sealed within. Learning of all this, and the constant encouragement from Exoda, finally dragged him out of his despair. Ever since, he has roamed the land, exiled by the people because of his obvious demonic heritage. He only looks for someone who accepts him. So that he may protect them with his life. But he harbors a more secretive and deeper hatred toward his father.
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Drogyn, the Exile
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