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The age of all types of creatures that roam the Earth and wage war against one another.
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 Ability and Technique Template

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PostSubject: Ability and Technique Template   Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:12 pm

Ability Name: (Name of the Ability)

Ability Description: (How you found out this ability. How the ability works.)

Ability Effect: (What the ability actually does to you or your opponents.)

Ability Cooldown time: (How long you must wait in order to use the ability again. Innate abilities are not allowed.)

Ability Duration: (How long the ability lasts on you or your opponent. Minimum of 3 posts.)

[b]Ability Name:[/b]

[b]Ability Description:[/b]

[b]Ability Effect:[/b]

[b]Ability Cooldown time:[/b]

[b] Ability Duration:[/b]

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Ability and Technique Template
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